Menopause Results in the Return of
Sex Hormone Level of Those of Childhood

Females spend on average three decades in post- menopause.
  It’s a significant life chapter which impacts quality of life.  

But.. what is actually happening inside the body?

Menopause itself only lasts for one day because a woman reaches it after a year of having no periods.
What most of us think as menopause is actually perimenopause
- the built-up to  the menopause
- a transitional period in which female hormones fluctuate and periods become irregular.

First, the body starts to produce less progesterone, followed by oestrogen and testosterone.

….RECAP: These three female hormones are responsible for preparing a woman’s body for giving birth and caring for a child.
They strengthen muscles and bones, keep the brain alert, ensure healthy cholesterol levels, a healthy heart,
help with bladder control and keep the skin plumped and elastic.
They support the strength of tendons and ligaments, keep the stress hormones
in check and ensure that the digestive system functions properly through their effects on insulin production
and the actual physical pumping of the intestines.

During perimenopause when these hormonal levels fall women might be experiencing symptoms such as:

- Hot flushes
- Mood swings
- Night sweats
- Skin irritations
- Changes in libido
- Painful intercourse
- Brain fog
- Insomnia
- Weight gain
- Bloating
- Changes in pelvic health

Some women don’t experience any symptoms while others may need medical intervention to help.
When the ovaries no longer produce any oestrogen and progesterone, the menstrual cycle will stop.
Menopause essentially marks the wind-down of a woman's reproductive life.  

95% of women will experience menopause at some point between 44 and 56 years of age, with the average age being 50 years old.
Genetics and lifestyle can impact how early one will make the transition.
The more a woman supports the changes around the body when the hormone levels fall, the easier the psychological transition will be.
This is where diet and lifestyle can play a significant role.

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Anne-Claire Marsden
Co-Founder & 
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

The London Wellbeing & Nutrition Clinic_Anne-Claire

After obtaining her Doctorate in Dental Surgery and practising in France for 4 years, Anne-Claire worked in central London for over 5 years. She quickly realised that the root cause of many dental and gum issues were due to nutrition. As a preventive measure for her patients, she started looking into Naturopathic Nutrition as a way to reduce the consequences of an unhealthy diet on oral health. 

With a growing interest in Nutritional Therapy, Anne-Claire decided to obtain her Nutritional Therapist Diploma and started to apply what she was learning into her day-to-day life: she was sleeping better, feeling more energised, less stressed and ultimately feeling much happier. Anne-Claire progressively started developing a particular interest in the impact of stress on the body. Indeed, stress is a common thread in most professions and as a Dental Surgeon, she was experiencing this first-hand and witnessed how changing her eating habits and lifestyle had a positive effect on her stressful life. Anne-Claire has decided to fully dedicate her time to being a Nutritional Therapist and help as many people as she can.
Today, her main goal as a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist is to support clients struggling with anxiety, stress and burnout amongst many other conditions and help them feel better, just as she did, thanks to nutrition.

In October 2023, Anne-Claire was appointed Director of Biomedicine at the College of Naturopathic Medicine where she lectures part-time sharing her knowledge and experience.

Consultations with Anne-Claire are available in French or English. Les consultations sont disponible en français avec Anne-Claire Naturopathe Nutritioniste.

Stefanie Hoegen
Co-Founder & 
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

The London Wellbeing & Nutrition Clinic_Stefanie

Stefanie holds a Bachelor's degree in European Relations from the University of Maastricht and a Master's in Science in Business Management from Cass Business School, University of London. As a business and communications consultant, Stefanie dealt with many interesting and demanding clients and was directly at the interface with the media, by which she experienced time pressure and stress.

Stefanie became interested in how stress can affect a person's health in different ways and how different people deal with stress. Finally, she began to investigate and understand how nutrition, stress and sleep have influenced her wellbeing and lifestyle. 

Driven by her own experiences and her increasing interest in the field of natural medicine, Stefanie decided to study Nutrition and Naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. 

As a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist with experience in business, her aim is to help clients to listen to their body signs, to better manage stress at work and to educate them on how to live healthier and be more in balance within themselves. Her main interests lie in the areas of women’s health, immune and digestive health as well stress management. She is passionate about organising retreats where women come together and learn more about their bodies, practise yoga and cook together.

Consultations with Stefanie are available in German or English. Beratungsgespräche werden in Deutsch und Englisch mit der Naturheilkundlerin und Ernährungstherapeutin Stefanie angeboten.

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