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LWNC offered highly professional, exemplary and empathic care in all aspects of nutrition. Together we transformed the way I am nourishing myself for optimal health and I could not feel more happy and content. I highly recommend LWNC to anyone struggling with fatigue, low energy and gut issues. Thank you so much.
Many doctors said my digestive symptoms were purely stress-related and couldn't help me any further... Here at LWNC, I felt taken care of and understood. We analysed my eating habits, symptoms and which potential nutrients I was lacking. After only a few weeks [...] my digestion has normalised and I can enjoy food again because I know what is good for me!
I feel so much better since I started implementing the nutritional advice given to me. I’m sleeping better and have so much more energy during the day. The changes that were advised were so easy to apply that they didn't really feel like changes.
I thought that living with high-stress levels was normal and that there was nothing I could do about it. Thanks to LWNC, I now realise the impact that stress was having on my body and I now have all the tools to help me get back to a calmer life. I can already see the changes in my mental and physical health [...] I feel like my old self.

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