We will provide your employees with the skills, techniques and knowledge to improve their health and wellbeing

Our Corporate Wellbeing Programmes aim to:

  • Support employees to better deal with stress and overcome many of the daily stressors which can trigger symptoms such as muscle pain, anxiety, overtiredness and exhaustion

  • Reduce absenteeism, improve recruitment and retention of employees

  • Create a sense of wellbeing in the workplace and raise awareness among employees about specific health issues

  • Increase mood, focus, workplace morale and productivity among employees

Our Corporate Wellbeing Programmes

Nutrition Workshops
2-4 hours

Our Nutrition Workshops comprise of interactive discussions and are designed for smaller groups. We provide specific advice tailored to your preferred topic of discussion (see additional information).

Talks & Webinars
1 hour

Based on the needs and interests of your team & employees, we offer larger group sessions in which we discuss popular health, lifestyle and nutrition insights.

Express Consultation
1:1 Session

We offer express 1:1 consultations of 30 min. during which we focus on your employee’s health and potential stressors. We will provide specific written advice. Consultations are available in person or online.

Additional information

  • We can work around your work schedule eg. during lunch break, before or after your working day.

  • We offer many topics of discussion that are relatable to the majority of your employees, making a greater change and impact in their lives.

  • Popular topics are stress management techniques, optimising sleep, foods to boost immunity, energy and focus, increase productivity and how to improve work-life-balance, amongst many other topics.

  • Programmes are available also for executives or your leadership team and can be adjusted accordingly.

  • Programmes are available to book individually or as part of a package. Let us know what you are looking for and we can put together a tailored package to meet your company's requirements.

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