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The London Wellbeing and Nutrition Clinic
  • Those who want to know how their stress levels are and based on results receive clinical intervention with targeted therapeutic treatments such as nutrient support and/or adaptogens, stress management, behavioural modification and lifestyle interventions.
  • Those who experience daily hassles, chronic pain, blood sugar dysregulation, work stressors, and poor relationship quality

What's included?
The London Wellbeing and Nutrition Clinic
Adrenal Stress Test & Interpretation of Results
  • Easy, non-invasive saliva collection, at-home
60 min Consultation (In-person or online)
  • Analysis of medical history, health & wellbeing profile
  • Review of dietary and lifestyle habits
Effective, holistic and personalised protocol based on test results, goals and preferences

Adrenal Stress Profile - Functional Test + Consultation + Protocol


Comprehensive assessment of stress response and resiliency.

Once the package has been purchased, we will have the test ordered and sent to you. You will then be able to book an appointment for your consultation

Additional information

  • After completing this service, you can book additional follow-up consultation(s). Price: online: £170, in-person £200.

  • Please be aware, follow-up consultations are available to book within a timeframe of 3 months after completion of programme.

  • Payments will need to be secured in order to complete your booking.

  • If you need to cancel for any reason, please contact the clinic with a minimum of 48 hours notice in advance of your consultation. Please see the FAQ regarding our cancellation policy.

  • In an effort to make this health journey as easy as possible, we offer unlimited communication through our secured messaging service.

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